প্রযুক্তি আমার প্রথম পছন্দ।

I love to working on Business Building, Business Research, Business Psychology, Content Creation, Multi Media, Brand Development, Skill Development, Career Development.

Understand the problem, Identifying, Problem solving, Career Guideline, Business planning these are my favorite processes & I love these processes. Even any these process bring me joy & it's my entertainment to'o.

I'm a technology fan by born. Love to read, work & stay connected with innovation - invention. Specially ICT sector, e Commerce, Web Design, Domain Business, Brand Development, Outsourcing, Robotics, Game development, App development, Virtual reality, Information Architecture UI & UX, Artificial Intelligence, Business automation.

Also interested in Health & Medical Technology Business, Human Augmentation, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Plant and Transport Technology. Specially heavy automobile, Crane, Bus, Giant Truck, Locomotive & most of all Ship Building. Ship Builders are awesome & Shipyard is my one of the most favorite place on earth to hangout.

I always believe in Allah & humanity. Very much eager to work on social development specially for our girls- Women. They are the cutest & genius most part of human civilization. Have dreams to working for poor & Rural Development like crowd funding, community works, agricultural technology, machinery & Inventions. Currently working on some project based on Children & Youth developments. By Upgrading Education system, Skill Building, Leading Empowerment, Easy startup & Early Entrepreneurship, I believe the world will be great.

Muhammad Hafijur Rahman

Muhammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Planet Earth, Sun the star, Milky Way the galaxy, outskirts of the Virgo Cluster .